BTOB Released Their Second Album ‘Brother Act!’

BTOB, Beagle-idol’s representative in the music world, will return with a perfect ballad song in autumn this year. After releasing the song, they made it into the 1st position. BTOB returns with their second album ‘Brother Act!’

“We made a song that fits the fall, and there are 13 songs including ‘Missing You’, we will show BTOB;s development on this second album”, said one member.

The song titled ‘Missing You’ is a ballad song that expresses the values of BTOB, and its member Im Hyun Sik participates in writing and composing.

“I’m happy because the members like the song, but on the one hand I feel burdened, I feel two things at a time, but the members like and trust the song, I’m happy”, said Im Hyun Sik. Despite 3 days of release, the song is still ranked 1st and the members are thankful to their loyal fans who listen to their songs.