Lee Jung Hyun Praises Her ‘Battleship Island’ Co-Star, So Ji Sub

In an interview, actress Lee Jung Hyun expressed her opinion about acting as a couple with So Ji Sub. In the movie ‘Battleship Island’, Lee Jung Hyun acts as Mal Nyeon, a strong Korean woman who faces various problems.

Image Source : bnt, Archimedes

“In the movie, I never acted without So Ji Sub. Whenever we went to the set, we both automatically came as our own characters. Both of us did not think that our characters would have an affair. So Ji Sub himself deepened the character of Chil Sung, and it made me able to concentrate well. I liked that feeling. I remember the female staffs on the set often shouted whenever he’s near, and saying how he (So Ji Sub) was very handsome and so on. Their enthusiasm was amazing. Even among the staffs, many people were curious, ‘How will Chil Sung and Mal Nyeon’s relationship ends?’.”

She continues her commentary on So Ji Sub. “So Ji Sub is a polite person. He always showed the best manners on the set. He was always watching me. When it comes to action scenes, there are times when I was very nervous. He kept talking about the action scenes to help me portray it well. I think all of his co-stars will feel lucky to be able to act with him.”

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