Kim So Hyun Is Spotted With Her Airport Fashion at Incheon Airport, Going to Bangkok, Thailand

On the 29th of July, at Incheon airport, we can see Kim So Hyun who is going to Bangkok Thailand to do a photo shoot. That day Kim So Hyun wore a floral chiffon blouse and long jeans matched with yellow strap sandals. This beautiful fashion airport makes Kim So Hyun becomes the center of attention.

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun captivates fans after playing in romantic drama ‘Ruler: Master of the Mas’ along with Yoo Seung Ho. From a child growing into a woman, the next work of Kim So Hyun will be anticipated by the public.

” I haven’t confirmed it (next work). I pay attention to every step that I take”, said Kim So Hyun. Day by day, Kim So Hyun’s appearance is increasingly anticipated! Everyone will support whatever she will do in the future