‘Memoir of Murderer’ The Chemistry Between AOA Seol Hyun and Kim Nam Gil Who Have 15 Years Age Gap

AOA Seol Hyun returns to the big screen. She returned through the movie ‘MEMORY OF A MURDERER, 2017’ with Sul Kyung Goo and Kim Nam Gil. In the press conference, we can see Seol Hyun who is wearing a black dress that shows her shoulders.

In Seol Hyun’s second movie titled ‘Memoir of A Murderer’, we can see Seol Hyun’s new look that has never been shown before. “There are many things that I’ve never tried before. As already said, I ran on a barefoot mountain, rolled on the ground, I tried many things and it was all very interesting. I did the filming while thinking about what other challenges that I am going to do today”, revealed her.

Seol Hyun appears as Kim Nam Gil’s lover. The chemistry of the couple will add another excitement to the story. “I think the casting for Kyung Goo’s child is a bit optimistic. I told the director it would be a burden if Seol Hyun becomes my lover”, said Kim Nam Gil.

“I am a nervous person and he (Kim Nam Gil) is very concerned about me. So I feel comfortable, I feel grateful to him. Thank you for watching me so well”, replied Seol Hyun when she was asked about Kim Nam Gil.

Seol Hyun and Kim Nam Gil who have a 15 years age gap have shown a good chemistry! But sometimes Seol Hyun is afraid of his partner Kim Nam Gil. Fans are focusing on the new colors that Seol Hyun will show through her appearance in the film. The film ‘Memoir of Murderer’ will be released in September.