Oh Yeon Seo Admitted Often Having A Bad Mood

Actress Oh Yeon Seo admits often facing a change in the mood. In an interview, Oh Yeon Seo was asked ‘Do you ever feel down?’ And she answered it with “I often experience it. I often feel scared after seeing many things on the set. I’m a person who tends to get moody”.

“I’m always worried about ‘How long can I act?’, Or thoughts like ‘Can I become a good person through acting?’. Someone says this is the power that will drive me to succeed. But while filming ‘My Sassy Girl’, I have a lot of free time that makes me more worried about things like that”, said Oh Yeon Seo.

Image Source: 1st Look

Even so, Oh Yeon Seo also conveyed her confidence in acting. “Though I have a lot of fear, I like new challenges. I have a lot of worries about work issues, but I think there must be something new to try. Of course, there would be times when I failed. Before I do a job, I try to consider it carefully, but when I start, I’ll make a lot of effort”.

Image Source: SBS

Recently, Oh Yeon Seo has finished her pre-production drama, ‘My Sassy Girl’, in which she plays the role of Princess Hye Myung. Currently, she is filming the movie ‘Cheese In the Trap’. After finishing everything, Oh Yeon Seo plans to rest while considering the next work.

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