Kim Soo Ahn and Shin Rin Ah Will Adorn the Cinemas This Summer Through ‘The Battleship Island’ and ‘The Mimic’

Last summer, the cinema was decorated by child actors. Jo Eun Hyung, Kim Soo Ahn and Kim Hwan Hee are brilliant child actors that have power in theaters.

This year, child actors seem to be shining as bright as the adult actors. Kim Soo Ahn and Shin Rin Ah become the main characters of the film ‘The Battleship Island’ and ‘The Mimic’.
First, there is Kim Soo Ahn who is playing in the movie ‘The Battleship Island’. Last year, she appeared in the movie ‘Train to Busan’ which is a movie that depicts a deep emotion. In the newly released movie ‘The Battleship Island’, Kim Soo Ahn plays as So Hee, who is the daughter of Hwang Jung Min. She and Hwang Jung Min boarded the ship but she was an innocent girl who did not know exactly where she was and what she was up against.

Kim Soo Ahn’s character is extraordinary, amid the bleak ‘warship’ she is responsible for reviving the tragic pain.

Image Source: Next Entertainment World

Another hidden main role is Shin Rin Ah who plays in the movie ‘The Mimic’ which will appear in theaters in August. ‘The Mimic’ tells about a family who got involved with a mysterious creature known as “Jangsanbum.” Animals can imitate human voices and persuade children to eat them.

In this movie, child actress Shin Rin Ah has a huge responsibility. Shin Rin Ah was born in 2009 and gets the character of a mysterious girl. The girl wanders into the forest and lives in the home of Hee Yeon (Yum Jung Ah). Hee Yeon’s child, Jun Hee, hears strange noises that occur in the village by imitating human voices.

Although her face is still unfamiliar to the public, Shin Rin Ah has several times starred on the big screen. She plays in the film ‘Ode To My Father’, ‘The Last Princess’ and drama ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’, ‘Defendant’. She has shown her strong acting skills in every title that she plays.

Now the child actors are not only limited to playing the small role of supporting adult actors. Despite they are relatively young, they have a great responsibility in their work. Meanwhile, these two young actresses will decorate the big screen in the summer of 2017.

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