4 Most Memorable Rain Scenes In Korean Drama

Rain is perfect for romance mood. Rain often reminds us of the past. Rain also becomes a must-have scene in the drama. Because in truth, rain is similar to the dramas in life. There are some dramas that make rain as a ‘weapon’ to make the audience attracted. Here are 5 rain scenes in the iconic and most remembered drama.

  1. Autumn in My Heart
Image Source : KBS

This is the drama that became the gate of K-Drama spread to Asia. Autumn In My Heart was really popular in 2000. The scene where the guy and the girl riding bikes under the rain was very classic and beautiful.

  1. She Was Pretty
Image Source : MBC

When Park Seo Joon suddenly experience his trauma, he suddenly fell on the road when it was raining. Then Hwang Jung Eum immediately ran up to him. Hwang Jung Eum knew about Park Seo Joon’s trauma, she immediately protected Park Seo Joon with her jacket. This scene felt unique because at that moment, both of them sat in the middle of the road under the rain. Moreover Park Seo Joon started to realize Hwang Jung Eum’s identity and touched his face gently.

  1. The Legend of the Blue Sea
Image Source : SBS

In this drama, Jun Ji Hyun acted as a non-human creature. When Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho were separated suddenly, she was left alone in the rain. Being in an unfamiliar world made her lonely. Jun Ji Hyun squatted because she was tired and confused, suddenly Lee Min Ho came with an umbrella.

  1. Pinocchio
Image Source : SBS

If Lee Min Ho came with an umbrella, Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye actually used pylon on the street as rain protectors. This uniqueness makes the scene memorable.