‘Falsify’ Keeps Its Spot at the Top of Monday-Tuesday Drama Slot

‘Falsify’ is firmly rooted at the top position of Monday-Tuesday drama slot.

According to Nielsen Korea, on August 1st, ‘Falsify’ earned 9,5% rating for the 7th episode and 12,1% rating for the 8th episode.

Image Source: SBS

In the latest episode of ‘Falsify’, Moo Young live broadcasted a video of Yoon Son Woo saying, “The prosecutor told me that he needs me to be the suspect. The police attacked me and forced me to make a false report, and to ask for appeal on the base of hate, but no one would hear me. My last hope is for a re-appeal.”

Image Source: SBS

Yoon Son Woo also said, “The Korean newspaper has hidden the evidence that could prove my innocence in this case. This news was posted at 6AM. The police arrived at the scene at 6.30 AM. I want to clarify this. I want to know whether Korean newspaper is working together with Jin Beom. After five days, I will submit myself.”

Image Source: SBS

Meanwhile, during the same time, MBC’s ‘King Loves’ earned 6,3% and 6,9% rating, and KBS ‘School 2017’ only got 4,6%.

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