Choi Min Soo Asks Kang Ye Won to Be His Tour Guide in ‘Man Who Dies to Live’

When will Choi Min Soo realize that his biological daughter is Kang Ye Won? In the latest episode of ‘Man Who Dies to Live’, Saaed Faadh Ali (Choi Min Soo) met Lee Ji Young A (Kang Ye Won) again.

That day, Kang Ho Rim (Shin Sung Rok) was ordered by Ali to visit Lee Ji Young B’s (Lee So Yeon) home. Kang Ho Rim went to Lee Ji Young B’s house, while Lee Ji Young A started to suspect her husband’s infidelity. On the other hand, Ali came at Lee Ji Young B’s home too.

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Lee Ji Young A waited in front of Lee Ji Young B’s home. At that time, Ali’s manager, Abdullah Mohammed Walli Walla (Jo Tae Kwan) began to suspect something. Abdullah accidentally covered Lee Ji Young A’s face with a jacket, so Kang Ho Rim did not see her.

Lee Ji Young A asked him angrily, “What are you doing?!” Abdullah replied, “This is my place, can you step aside?” Abdullah Muhammad knew that Lee Ji Young A was Ali’s real daughter, and apparently, he knew about Kang Ho Rim and Lee Ji Young B’s affair.

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Lee Ji Young B also pretended to know Lee Kyung Sook, the in-laws of Lee Ji Young A and took Ali into the basement. At the same time, Lee Ji Young A also went underground and passed Lee Ji Young B and Ali.

Ali met Lee Ji Young A in Lee Kyung Sook’s hometown. Both were aware of ever meeting in a club. Ali gave her money and asked her to be a tour guide in the village. Ali got closer to Lee Ji Young A without knowing that she was his biological daughter.

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Meanwhile, when Han So Jang (Kim Byung Ok) learned about Ali’s background, he found out that Ali is Jang Dal Goo.

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