Gong Minzy Goes on a ‘Date’ with Jeon So Mi

Minzy and Jeon So Mi post a photo of them out on a date.

Image Source: Instagram

On August 5 Gong Minzy posted a photo through her personal instagram account with the caption “MinSo sisters, cross. After seeing the Pixar exhibition. My beloved sister. ”

In the posted photo, Gong Minzy and Somi showed a humorous pose while in the Pixar exhibition hall. The two singers met on KBS’s ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2’ variety show and their friendship continues to this day.

Image Source: Instagram

In another photo, Gong Minzy wrote a caption like “I love having a girlfriend like this. #you are my destiny #lovestagram “, showing the affection hse has for Jeon So Mi who is younger than herself.

Meanwhile, Jeon So Mi in an interview with Star News said “Minzy is one of the greatest memories I have in my life.”

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