Kim Hee Sun, Im Yoona, and Lee Yeon Hee Will Adorn the TV Screen For A Week

South Korea’s beautiful actress, Kim Hee Sun, Yoona SNSD, and Lee Yeon Hee for 1 week will adorn the TV screen. The three look very beautiful, making the drama more interesting to see.

The Elegant Kim Hee Sun in ‘Woman of Dignity’

Image Source: JTBC

Kim Hee Sun is playing in Friday Saturday drama from JTBC, ‘Woman of Dignity’ as Woo Ah Jin. This drama gets an audience rating of 10%. Previously the drama played by Park Bo Young ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ has recorded the history of JTBC drama by obtaining the highest rating. Kim Hee Sun is not only beautiful, through her character Woo Ah Jin, she is judged to have achieved a perfect acting. The charisma and extraordinary judgment of the people around, the caring feelings around her, has shown the authority of women. With 100% elegance, Kim Hee Sun brings Woo Ah Jin into life.

SNSD Im Yoona in Goryeo Era

Image Source: MBC

She is not only a SNSD member but she deserves to be called as an actress. Currently, Yoona is starring in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama, ‘The King Loves’, as Eun San. She also collaborated with Im Siwan and Hong Jong Hyun. Eun San gets a great rejection from Goryeo, but then she changes her identity since childhood. Yoona’s beauty spread through the Goryeo dynasty and captivated viewers all the time. She also has become a girl crush and gets some comments about ‘The King Loves’ saying that the martial arts and dancing that she does are very beautiful just like her personality.

The First Love Icon, Lee Yeon Hee

Image Source: SBS

Lee Yeon Hee plays Jung Jung Won in Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Reunited Worlds’, a girl who misses her first love. She collaborates with Yeo Jin Goo and Ahn Jae Hyun. Jung Jung Won decides to become a chef to realize the ideals of Sung Hae Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) her first love that died 12 years ago. Various charms of her are being shown. Lee Yeon Hee portrays Jung Jung Won really well. Actually, Lee Yeon Hee and Yeo Jin Goo have a 9 years age gap but when they are together, they still look sweet and match each other.

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