Yoon Sun Joo, The Screenwriter of ‘Hospital Ship’ Admits She Believed in Ha Ji Won

‘Hospital Ship’ writer Yoon Sun Joo said, “I trust her”, showing her unlimited trust for Ha Ji Won.

MBC’s latest drama ‘Hospital Ship’ is written by Yoon Sun Joo and starring Ha Ji Won, where they also worked together in 2006 in the drama ‘Hwang Jin Yi’. In the drama this time, they are back again as a writer and an actress in the drama ‘Hospital Ship’.

Image Source: MBC

Yoon Sun Joo stated, “Han Ji Won performed amazingly 11 years ago”, reminiscing the time, “The script I wrote this time has many challenges because I cannot forget Ha Ji Won”.

11 years later she again met with Ha Ji Won in the drama ‘Hospital Ship’. Yoon Sun Joo said, “Ten years have passed but I am always impressed with Han Ji Won” she said.

Image Source: MBC

As the author hopes, the viewers also have a good hope with Ha Ji Won’s acting as Song Eun Jae who is a surgeon, so she does a good preparation. Ha Ji Won learned from documentary films, Youtube videos, doctor essays, medical dramas, memorization of anatomy books and now she understands the details quite well. As a surgeon, she doesn’t neglect the practice of surgical thread.

The drama ‘Hospital Ship’ has attracted the attention of viewers due to a reunion between the screenwriter Yoon Sun Jo and Ha Ji Won. The drama itself is about medical activities carried on a ship to help the people. The drama ‘Hospital Ship’ will begin airing on August 30th replacing the drama ‘Man Who Dies To Live’.

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