Han Ye Seul Returns As The Queen of Romantic Comedy In ’20th Century Boys and Girls’

The beautiful Han Ye Seul returns as the Queen of Romantic Comedy. Han Ye Seul plays the role of Sa Jin Jin, a top artist in the drama ’20th Century Boy and Girl’. As queen of romantic comedy Han Ye Seul show off her beautiful chemistry with Ji Suk.

Sa Jin Jin played by Han Ye Seul has been seen falling in love with Gong Ji Won played by Kim Ji Suk, through this drama they are expected to be ‘National’s First Love Couple’.  “Yes, I really wanted to get the title ‘National First Love’ once, though in this drama I am thirty-five years old but it is not too late yet. Because sharing feelings and memories when loving someone is very important, I think everyone who witnessed it could sympathize”, said Ji Suk.

Han Ye Seul competes on viewers rating with her friend Jung Ryeo Won. Currently, Jung Ryeo Won’s ‘Witch’s Court’ drama is still dominant.

Can she beat Jung Ryeo Won’s drama rating? Please look forward to Han Ye Seul’s beautiful charm in the drama ’20th Century Boy And Girl’.