5 Cute Cafes in Seoul, South Korea

1. Line Friends Store & Café

Image Source: Line Friends

Line Friends Store & Café is a cafe that is formed based on the characters in LINE chat application. In addition to Cafe, Line Friends also sells a variety of merchandise, such as Brown and Cony, who are very famous. The merchandises are sold variously, ranging from key chains, pouch, pillow, lights, up to LINE character dolls in various sizes. In the Cafe, Line Friends sells coffee, dessert, ice cream, and other snacks. Line Friends Store & Cafe is spread across several areas in Seoul such as Myeongdong, Garosugil, and Itaewon.

2. Kakao Friends Cafe

Image Source: Kakao Friends

With almost the same concept as Line Friends, Kakao Friends also provides a cafe as well as a place to sell various types of merchandise of Kakao Talk characters. In the cafe, they offer coffees, cakes, and various Kakao Talk character-shaped macaroons. The prices of the desserts are ranged from 3000 to 9000 Won. Kakao Friends Café is located at Hongdae and Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul.

3. Thanks Nature Café

Image Source: Thanks Nature Cafe

Thanks Nature Café is a unique cafe in Seoul that has lambs in it. For animal lovers or people who want to experience a different nuance of cafe, you can visit the Thanks Nature Café near Hongik University in Seoul. Sheep are allowed to roam around the cafe, and customers are allowed to touch, feed, or play with them. ‘Thanks Nature Café’ offers waffles and coffees for the visitors.

4. Cheong Chun Cat Café

Image Source: Instagram (elizabethsulis)

This cafe, which is located in Hongdae, provides a place for cat lovers who want to relax while drinking coffee or eating snacks. By paying 8000 won, the visitors will get one drink and one hour to play with the cats in the cafe. The cafe also provides various types of cat toys, so that we can play and gets closer to the cats there. On Monday to Friday, the cafe will open at 1 pm, while on Saturday to Sunday, the cafe will open at 12PM in the afternoon.

5. Bau House Dog Café

Image Source: Bau House Dog Cafe

Bau House is a cafe that allows dogs to roam inside the place. If you are a dog lover, it wouldn’t hurt to visit Bau House Dog Café which is located in Hongdae area, Seoul. By paying 7500 won, we can get one cup of coffee. If you want to feed the dogs directly, customers can buy a 4500 won dog meal and feed them directly. There are various types of dogs in the cafe, including labrador, beagle, golden retriever, and more.