SNSD Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary With Fans

SNSD debuted in 2007, this year the group has been around for 10 years, so the members celebrate it with fans. They celebrated the anniversary by holding a special meeting with fans. 10 years is indeed not the time anyone can achieve, and they are because they have reached 10 years being together. They also sang happy birthday songs with fans, put candles and said their wishes. SNSD showed new stage performance with a song entitled ‘Holiday’ in celebration of 10 years. It reminds fans of their first debut and gets a big response from fans by showing the SNSD MV.

The highlight of the day was the members’ comments about the 10 years. For the 10th anniversary event, they said that they practice a lot. They also look back on stage performances in the past and thought about how time can pass so quickly. SNSD members conveyed their feelings while crying. Seeing this, fans also could not help but cried. Singing debut song ‘Into The New World’, SNSD promisesd for 10 year anniversary with its fans