[RANK AND TALK] 3 Idol Groups with Highest Average Height

Not only their faces and talents which become the main ingredients as the member of an idol group. Height is also an important element in captivating the fans. Here are 3 idol groups with the highest average height.

  1. TVXQ
    Image Source : SM Entertainment

    The first group is TVXQ. The group under SM Entertainment consists of two members, U-Know Yun Ho and Choi Kang Chang Min. Yun Ho has a height of 184 cm and Chang Min has a height of 186 cm. It makes them as the idol group with an average height of 185 cm.

  2. KNK
    Image Source : YNB Entertainment

    KNK stands for K-Pop Knock is the first male idol group from YNB Entertainment. This group consists of 5 members with height above average. The highest member is Seung Jun with 189 cm, followed by Kim Ji Hun with 186 cm, In Seong and You Jin height is 183 cm, and last Hee Jun who is 180 cm. This group has an average height of 184.8 cm.

  3. VIXX
    Image Source : Jellyfish Entertainment

    The third is a group that comes from Jelly Fish Entertainment, VIXX. VIXX has always attracted attention because of their height. The group consists of Ravi, Leo, Ken, Hyuk, N and Hong Bin has an average height of 181.8 cm. Their highest member is Hyuk with 184 cm and the member with the shortest height is Ken and N with height 180 cm.