3 Breathtaking Kiss Scenes in tvN’s ‘Bride of The Water God’

tvN ‘Bride of the Water God 2017’ has ended on the 22nd. The drama finished with a pleasant ending of Ha Baek (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Yoon So A (Shin Se Kyung). The hot kiss of Moo Ra (Krystal) and Bi Ryeom (Gong Myung) also became a hot topic after Ha Baek and So A’s passionate kiss.

The Attractive Kiss

Image Source: tvN

Ha Baek and So A did their first kiss. Ha Baek lost his soul and descended into the human world. Ha Baek wandered to find his own slave, and So A turned away from Ha Baek, who claimed himself as god. Finally, Ha Baek and So A kissed as their last effort. This kiss scene, with a one-time ending, was beautiful for the combination of cherry blossoms and good visuals of Ha Baek and So A.

The Passionate Kiss

Image Source: tvN

As it has no context. On the 14th episode, Ha Baek entered the house and kissed So A passionately. Their kissing started from the first floor and continued up to the second floor, as real as seeing a real partner. Their kisses looked realistic. Ha Baek’s overflowing love for So A made the audience happy to watch the scene.

The Bonus Kiss

Image Source: tvN

The couple Moo Ra (Krystal) and Bi Ryeom (Gong Myung) also did many kissing scenes. But one of the best is Moo Ra kissing Bi Ryeom, who was hurt by herself, “I think that’s the best thing I can do.” Kisses with warm hugs behind a quiet background were enough making fans flustered. Bi Ryeom told Moo Ra to kiss and said, “I’m kidding,” and completing it with a delicate kiss.


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