5 Korean Celebrities Who Had The Chance To Be Athletes

Before having a career as an artist, they have the opportunity to become an athlete. Here is a list of 5 Korean artists who have the chance to become athletes.

  1. Jun Hye Bin
Image Source : ELLE

Behind Jun Hye Bin’s sexy body, apparently the celebrity who just broke up with Lee Joon Ki was once a rhythmic gymnastics athlete when she was still in grade 3 to grade 6.

  1. So Ji Sub
Image Source : In Style

When he was 10 years old, So Ji Sub was trained as a swimming athlete. He even attended a professional class. After undergoing a rigorous training for 10 years, So Ji Sub had won a bronze medal at the National championship. Starting from acting, modeling, rapping and even swimming, So Ji Sub is very talented.

  1. UEE
Image Source : Leon

When she was still in high school, UEE joined a swimming competition at the National Sports Festival. She once showed off her ability to swim in ‘Barefoot Friends’ and ‘Law of the Jungle’.

  1. Lee Si Young
Image Source : GRAZIA

Lee Si Young’s previous drama, ‘Lookout’ has a lot of action scenes. Actually, Lee Si Young has been involved in martial arts boxing. Even in 2013, she won the 24th Amatari National Boxing Championship. Lee Si Young had been a guest star at Running Man during a boxing special episode.

  1. Jong Hyun CNBLUE
Image Source : Cosmopolitan

Jonghyun is a talented athlete in Judo. His high posture and athletic body are very supportive. He got a gold medal in high school Judo competition in Busan.

For one thing and another, the five artists above chose the path to becoming an artist. Even so, they still excel in the field that they currently occupied.