4 Korean Stars Who Go to the Military At Their Young Age

Choosing to establish a career in the entertainment world or going into the military is a difficult decision to make. By 2017, a list of top South Korean artists will be or have been registered for military service. Ji Chang Wook, Im Siwan, Kang Haneul, Lee Min Ho, and a row of other shining Korean top stars have to give up 21 months for the military. However, there are also artists who dare to enter the military at a young age in order to pursue a stable career. Below is the Korean artists who went to the military service at a young age!

1. Yoo Seung Ho

Image Source: 1st LOOK

This 1993-born artist has followed the military. In 2012, Yoo Seung Ho took the decision for the military far quicker, when he was still 18 years old. His decision is very different if compared to his fellow actors who choose to pursue their careers in the entertainment world first. Now Yoo Seung Ho fans do not have to worry about being left behind for the military.

2. Yeon Woo Jin

Image Source: Singles

Yeon Woo Jin who performs a thrilling acting as Lee Yeok in the KBS drama ‘Seven Days Queen’ has finished his military service at the age of 20 years. Currently, Yeon Woo Jin is 32 years old and ready to solidify his career as an actor.

3. Park Seo Joon

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Fortunately, the cast of ‘Dong Man’ in the KBS drama ‘Fight for My Way’ has already followed the military at the age of 22 years. Moreover, this year, Park Seo Joon’s name is on the rise after starring in the drama ‘Fight for My Way’ which became the 1st rank in the Monday-Tuesday drama slot. In the same year, the film he starred with Kang Ha Neul ‘Midnight Runners’ will be released in August.

4. Yoo Yun Suk

Image Source: Singles

In 2007 Yoo Yun Suk has registered to follow the military. Yoo Yun Suk decided to fulfill the obligations of South Korean citizens before rendering his career in the entertainment world.

If you are a fan of the four artists above, then you will feel happy because you do not have to wait for 21 months to look forward to their new work!