3 Unique and Tasty Korean Food You Must Try

Korean food is now widely sold in various restaurants outside Korea. Perhaps foods such as kimbab, teopokki, bulgogi have been tasted by people outside of Korea. But there are Korean food that is unique and extreme. Here is a unique food that must be tried in Korea.

1. Sannakji  or Live Octopus

Image Source : VisitKorea

Korean food is one of the food is fairly extreme. This food is Sannakji or live octopus. Sannakji usually served by cut into small pieces and given a mixture of oil and sesame seeds. This food is not cooked, with the ingredients mixed, Sannakji can be eaten immediately. Keep in mind that the tentacles of this octopus when stuck in the throat can be very dangerous. For that it is expected to be careful when eating Sannakji.

2. Beondegi or Silkworm Pupae

Image Source : VisitKorea

In addition to Sannakji, Korea still has extreme food. These foods are Beondegi or Silkworms. If tourists want to try this Beondegi can directly visit street food vendors. But now Beondegi is already sold in the form of cans packaging. So that can be made one of the unique souvenirs from Korea. The taste of Beondegi is very unique and you should taste it yourself to knowing the taste.

3. Jokbal or Pig’s Feet

Image Source : VisitKorea

Jokbal is a food made from raw pork feet boiled and salted. When served, the shape has been cut oval shape. Jokbal cooked with spring onions, garlic ginger and rice wine. Usually, this menu is served in the form of large portions, one serving can be eaten by four people. Jokbal served with rice and side dish such as kimchi and soup sauce. Koreans like to eat Jokbal with soju.