Song Seung Heon Uploaded His Photo in The Movie ‘Man of Will’

Actor Song Seung Heon uploaded photos of him in the movie ‘Man of Will’.

Song Seung Heon uploaded some of his photographs in the movie ‘Man of Will’ with a caption on his personal SNS.

Image Source: SNS

Inside the photo, Song Seung Heon looked gentle while showing a glowing visual in his modern mantle, and he was able to emit a cold charisma with a firm mouth.

‘Man of Will’ is a film about a young man Kim Chang Soo, who is imprisoned in Incheon prison for killing Myung Sung Empress, until he was reborn as the leader of independent activist Kim Chang Soo. Song Seung Heon will play the prison director of ‘Kang Hyung Sik’ without blood and tears and will make a confrontation with Jo Jin Woong who plays as Kim Chang Soo.