Can The ‘Chemie Fairy’ Ha Ji Won Help Kang Min Hyuk Become a Great Actor

The chemistry maker Ha Ji Won this time does well again like a magic. In addition to Hyun Bin and Ji Chang Wook, there is a great interest in her current acting partner, Kang Min Hyuk. Actress Ha Ji Won is known as ‘Chemie Fairy’. That is the name given to her because she always have amazing chemistry when being paired up with top actors.

Image Source : SBS

Among Ha Ji Won’s filmography, one of the most famous works is SBS ‘Secret Garden’. In the drama, Ha Ji Won acted as Gil Ra Im who works as a stuntwoman. She showed off a sweet chemistry with her co-star Hyun Bin. Both of them showed a beautiful story. Hyun Bin was able to maintain his position as a top star.

Image Source : MBC

Then there is MBC drama ‘Empress Ki’. Ha Ji Won created a character that felt alive with Ji Chang Wook who was still a newcomer back then. She gets a lot of love from viewers for showing a sad love story. In an interview, Ji Chang Wook expressed his thanks “I am so grateful to the actresses. I also learned a lot from Ha Ji Won. ”

Image Source : MBC

This time the drama MBC ‘Hospital Ship’. This is a meaningful drama for Ha Ji Won. Because this is the first time she acts as a doctor after 20 years of debut. Ha Ji Won acts as a genius surgeon and co-acts with Kang CNBLUE’s Min Hyuk. Kang Min Hyuk said to Ha Ji Won “Can I like you?”

This is a great opportunity for Kang Min Hyuk. Because he collided acting with Ha Ji Won ‘Goddess of Chemie’. Kang Min Hyuk also needs a stepping stone to become an actor in the drama. “I learned a lot from Ha Ji Won on the set,” said Kang Min Hyuk. Can Ha Ji Won help Kang Min Hyuk’s acting development?