‘Midnight Runners’ Surpassed 5.4 Million Viewers, There Is A Possibility of Sequel

The final winner of the summer movie battle in Korea is ‘Midnight Runners’. Although the film has been released for more than a month since its release on August 9th, ‘Midnight Runners’ still continues to show stunning popularity by placing in the second position at the box office.

Image Source: Lotte Entertainment

‘Midnight Runners’ on September 4th showed the total audience accumulation of 5,499,075 spectators. It was placed as the second position in the box office. On the 6th while new work is being done, ‘Midnight Runners’ still stole attention and led the box office ranking.

‘Midnight Runners’ tells the story of people who love books and people who like to do things like young people, 2 young policemen who witnessed kidnapping cases in front of their own eyes, which includes teenage actions to illustrate a young police investigation. Park Seo Jun and Kang Ha Neul play the lead role in this film.

Image Source: Lotte Entertainment

Directed by Kim Ju Hwan, “This high expectation still feels like a dream,” he said, still vibrating with the feeling he felt after learning that there were more than 5 million viewers.

In addition, there has been a possibility of making a sequel of the film. Director Kim Ju Hwan said, “It takes great preparation for a great story.” Meanwhile, regarding the ending of ‘Midnight Runners’ “I must return”. I am once again delighted to return with an explosive laugh. Of course, this must be done after the main character, Kang Ha Neul, returned from his military service.