‘The King Loves’ Im Si Wan, Ended Up Marrying Park Hwan Hee Instead of Im Yoona

The Monday-Tuesday drama MBC ‘The King Loves’ held a wedding ceremony for Im Si Wan.

Previously, Im Si Wan was surprised to witness the kisses Im Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun shared just before the wedding. Meanwhile, Im Si Wan, who thought that Hong Jong Hyun might have betrayed him, made a strange tension by marrying Park Hwan Hee. Im Si Wan’s expression in the marriage, with his complex mind behind him, attracted the audience’s attention.

Image Source : MBC

In the image, it looks Im Si Wan and Park Hwan Hee were holding a wedding ceremony. They were dressed in elegant and colorful wedding attires, but they could not concentrate on the wedding ceremony. In particular, Im Si Wan suffered pain, stoped lining up and stood quitely.

In addition, Im Si Wan-Park Hwan Hee looked sad and anxious instead of happy. Their teary eyes attracted attention. Park Hwan Hee got married to Im Si Wan, whom she desperately wants, but she created a dark expression because of anxiety and curiosity.

Most importantly, Im Si Wan, Im Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun’s relationship will be changed due to the wedding ceremony of Im Si Wan and Park Hwan Hee. Im Si Wan is expected to marry another woman after Im Si Wan witnessed a sudden kiss from Im Yoona-Hong Jong Hyun at the ending of the last episode. The audience expects the melodrama to flourish and waits for the 8th episode.