‘The King Loves’ Episodes 39 and 40, Im Siwan Went To Yua Dynasty, While Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun Live Together

On the 19th, MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘The King Loves’ last episode, Wang Won (Im Siwan) gave up to Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyun) and Eun San’s (Im Yoona) relationship. On the day’s broadcast, Wang Won and Wang Rin rescued Eun San who was kidnapped by Song In. Then Song In was killed by Wang Rin’s arrow.

Image Source : MBC

Wang Won wanted to save Eun San but before Song In’s death, Goryeo was in danger and would fall into the hands of the Yuan Dynasty. Song In stole the gold seal of King Chungnyeol and put it into the Yuan Dynasty document. Yuan Dynasty threatened King Chungnyeol to fill the documents with the gold seal for the death of Won Sung’s daughter even dragging King Chungnyeol into the Yuan Dynasty.

As the head of troops, Wang Rin wanted to save Goryeo. Wang Won had no choice but to order Wang Rin to go after her. Wang Rin died by the man Wang Won sent. In the palace, Wang Won inherited the throne of King Chungnyeol and was crowned as King of Chungseon. In a place where Wang Won came, Wang Rin, who was thought to be already dead, was still alive. Eun San stood next to Wang Rin.

Image Source : MBC

Wang Won let the of them go, and for 7 months he was involved in political affairs and reform. At the same time, his men reported having watched someone similar to Eun San. Wang Won did not want to know where Wang Rin and Eun San are. Finally, Wang Won returned his throne to King Chungnyeol and for 10 years he went to the Yuan Dynasty and did not return.

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