Lee Min Ho talked about His New Documentary Show ‘DMZ Wild Secret’ and Upcoming Military Enlistment

Actor Lee Min Ho recently talked about his new documentary show titled ‘DMZ Wild Secret’ during the press conference for the show.

The actor revealed his reason for participating in the show. “I was curious about this place, which is said to have been untouched by humans for more than half a century. To be honest, when I started it, all I felt was curiosity. But then when I arrived there, I had a lot of worry. Will I be able to do it well? Things like that. ”

Image source: K-STAR

During the event, the actor also expressed his thoughts regarding his upcoming military enlistment. “I think every actor who’s going to enlist soon feel the same way. We’re sad because we’re going to be a part from fans even though it’s only temporarily. I’m actually going through the same thing right now. While waiting for the official enlistment date, I feel like I want to work in one more project.”

After experiencing an accident in 2016, Lee Min Ho was appointed to do a voluntary service instead of military. However, this year, this actor will be entering his official military service period.