The Charm of ‘The Cool Autumn Man’ Gong Yoo

Actor Gong Yoo who transformed into the man of Autum in the released photo for urban travel lifestyle.

Image Source: Discovery Expedition

Gong Yoo drew attention by showing the urban look that can be felt from a capital city charming man with the background of various cities in the behind-the-scenes photo of the lifestyle brand Discovery Expedition.

Image Source: Discovery Expedition

With the concept of ‘Autumn Urban Travel’, in the photos taken was a handsome figure of Gong Yoo as a ‘Discovered Man’ with the background of various views of the city.

Image Source: Discovery Expedition

Together with the star who poured the depths of the skyfall can be felt through travel planning photos, and it caught the eye of netizens through the appearance of a romantic autumn man along with the light seen from the calm ocean.

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