‘Andante’ Episode 1, Kai Unleashes His Image in EXO and Becomes a Real High School Student

EXO Kai has gained a good mark for his first acting debut in ‘Andante’. On the 24th, KBS TV’s weekend drama ‘Andante’ premiered. The episode illustrated the process of Lee Shi Kyung (Kai)  a student who likes to do trouble moving to his grandmother’s house.

Lee Shi Kyung is a high school student who prefers to play around rather than learning. He is like having two lives in front of his mother Oh Jung Won (Jun Mi Sun). He likes to play around when his mother is not around and will quickly acts as if he is studying, fake his report, and make his friend pretending to be his guardian in school.

Image Source : KBS

Kai plays Lee Shi Kyung, a troubled high school student. He always shows up as an idol figure who looks dazzling and sexy when on stage, but in the drama he plays the character of an ordinary teenager who looks very realistic.

When Shi Kyung lives his double life, he lies to his mother. There were many changes in his quiet life after he had to witness school violence. Because Oh Jung Sun is heavily in debt, he gets into trouble a lot. In addition, her daughter named Shi Young (Lee Ye Hyun) decided to leave Seoul after having problems with the female college student.

Image Source : KBS

The atmosphere in the countryside when his family arrived feel awkward. Kim Bom who first met in the village was doing a body game, Shi Kyung’s grandmother named Kim Duk Boon works in the hospital ward. They felt they were close to death.

Kai carefully expressed Shi-kyung’s seemingly unfamiliar character, he also let viewers observe the rural situation first. Also Shin Kyung’s being happy to see Kim Bom showed that he was in love.

Image Source : KBS

Over the next 16 weeks, Kai will deliver Shi Kyung’s growing process, through life and death, a youth’s concerns, family relationship and love story. For the first step of his journey, he showed a good enough appearance to attract viewers attention.

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