‘Strongest Deliveryman’ Chae Soo Bin’s Turning From The Wicked Girl Into The Real Girlfriend

Actress Chae Soo Bin once again shows the turning point of her acting performance.

Chae Soo Bin plays Lee Dan A in KBS’s Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Strongest Deliveryman’. Lee Dan A decided to leave her house to realize her dream by showing the visual and love. She wants to raise money to make her country a better place to live in. However, one day Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pryo) works in the restaurant where she works and the turning point of her life begins.

Chae Soo Bin has captured the attention of the viewers with Lee Dan A’s cute and warm character. The most impressive thing is the appearance of Chae Soo Bin in romantic comedy-drama. Chae Soo Bin is slowly approaching her best friend Choi Kang Soo and shows a change of her character as Lee Dan A, she carefully opens her heart to love her best friend. Moreover, in the growth of the main character’s acting, there are many cases where the female lead actress experiences a crisis situation, but in a crisis situation, Chae Soo Bin shows her strong character to support and help Choi Kang Soo.

Image Source: KBS

Actually, Chae Soo Bin is an actress who was named ‘National Wicked Girl’. In KBS2 drama ‘Cheer Up’ Chae Soo Bin acted as Kwon Soo A who gets a warm welcome from the viewers. At that time, the nickname ‘national wicked girl’ was crowned to her because of her acting that always tortured Kang Yein Doo (Jung Eun Ji).

In the MBC drama ‘Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People’ Chae Soo Bin played the role of Song Ga Ryung showing the beauty and sadness in her acting debut. She then turned into ‘The Real Girlfriend’ through the drama ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ where she perfoms her acting realistically.

Image Source: MBC

‘Strongest Deliveryman’ will end on September 23rd. However, Choi Soo Bin will immediately go on to act in MBC drama ‘I’m Not a Robot’ with Yoo Seung Ho. Viewers have big expectations towards Chae Soo Bin as the representative of actresses in her 20s.