‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’, BTS Visited Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun’s Residence Area

JTBC’s variety show ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’ invited BTS’s Jung Kook and Jin as their guests at Samsung-dong. Samsung-dong located in Kangnam-gu, Seoul is a well-known area of residence for top artists such as Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun. Lee Kyung Gyu and Kang Ho Dong went to the real estate area of Budongsan, while Jung Kook and Jin followed them. However, the high-walled area of Samsung-dong where top stars and CEOs live was very challenging for them.

Image Source : JTBC

The Kyudong brothers and BTS walked around Samsung-dong and seeing the elite residence, they could not hide their astonishment in the silent atmosphere. In their first experiment, BTS’s Jin and Jung Kook rang the bell of a house nervously and said that they are the member of the BTS. Although they are the best idols, BTS still got ignored like the previous guests.

Image Source : JTBC

That day, they could find the area where the stars live. Kang Ho Dong accidentally knocked the doorbell of Kim Nam Joo and Kim Seung Woo’s house. Kim Nam Joo who knew it was Kang Ho Dong opened the door making the situation unexpected.