Lee Si Young Held A Delightful Wedding Ceremony

Actress Lee Si Young released a happy wedding photo of her. Her best friends prayed for her happiness by showing her a wedding photograph of Lee Si Young.

On the 9th, Lee Si Young who has a relationship for 1 year with her boyfriend with 9-year age gap finally got married. Lee Si Young, who announced her marriage via SNS in July, announced her pregnancy and got married in a seven-month pregnancy condition.

Image Source : KAMA Studio

Lee Si Young completed the ceremony in the family’s blessing and acquaintance on the day of their marriage and amazed everyone with the unexpected seven months pregnant body in the uploaded photo.

According to her agency, in the wedding ceremony there was Jeon Hyun Moo as the MC bringing the atmosphere to be always fun and cheerful. Singers Gummy, Huh Gak, and DJ DOC congratulated her and sang a song for her.

After the wedding ceremony, Lee Si Young also posted a video on her personal Instagram with a caption, “Thank you” along with the wedding photos taken.

Image Source : Instagram

Lee Si Young’s friends also uploaded the wedding photos on their SNS. Lee Si Young’s friend released a photo of Lee Si Young’s wedding ceremony, including a photo with a caption, “Today is Lee Si Young’s day, she is the most beautiful bride in the world.”

On the other hand, Lee Si Young is scheduled to continue actively acting after marriage.

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