‘M Countdown In Australia’ Featuring EXO, Wanna One, and Others… BTS Earned 1st Place For 2 Consecutive Weeks

K-POP excitement is also hot around the world. Wherever we, K-POP songs can be heard all over the world. On September 22nd to the 23rd, Mnet ‘M Countdown’ held ‘KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA’ at Kudos Bank Arena, Sydney, for two days in a row. The show will be aired on Mnet ‘M Countdown’ on the 5th. This is the first time ‘KCON’ was held in Oceania.

Image Source : Mnet

This year, ‘KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA’ was attended by 21,000 visitors. Groups that attend to entertain K-POP fans in front of global fans consist of EXO, Girl’s Day, Monsta X, Victon, UP10TION, Cosmic Girl, Wanna One, Pentagon and SF9.

In this concert, the singers not only performed their songs, but they also gave a special stage to cover popular songs from other singers. SF9 sang EXO’s song, VICTON sang BTS’s song, the Pentagon sang GOT7’s song.

Image Source : Mnet

That day EXO performed ‘Power’ and ‘Kokobop’, Girls Day sang ‘I’ll Be Yours’, while Wanna One performed ‘Energetic’. The song ‘DNA’ from BTS was ranked 1st for 2 weeks in a row. ‘DNA’ expresses the feelings of a broken young heart, which contains the message that both men and women are doomed from the start. The song carries an electric pop music, with the sound of an acoustic guitar which is pleasing to listen to.

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