Park Shin Hye Acts as A Lawyer For The Third Time With ‘Silent Witness’

Park Shin Hye has played the role of a lawyer for three times. In 2013, in the movie ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ which broke the record of eight million viewers, Park Shin Hye acted as Ye Seung, the lawyer of his father Yong Goo. Through this film, Park Shin Hye was awarded as best supporting actress.

Image Source : Next Entertainment World

Afterwards, in ‘Pinocchio drama’ she acted as Choi In Ha who suffers from ‘Pinocchio’ syndrome in which she will have hiccups every time she lies. Just like ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ she is also a lawyer. In the drama, Choi In Ha wrote lawyer as the most desired career, and In Ha becomes a lawyer and unveils the real killer (Jung Wong In).

Image Source : SBS

In 2017, in the movie ‘Silent Witness’ which will be released in November, Park Shin Hye acts as a lawyer named Choi Hee Jung. She will be the lawyer of Im Mi Ra, the daughter of Im Tae San. Although she is a less experienced lawyer, Hee Jung displays a charming charisma while in court.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

There is a great interest in Park Shin Hye’s acting for the third time as a lawyer. She certainly will not disappoint the audience after a career of more than 10 years. People are wondering what kind of performance would Park Shin Hye show playing as Choi Hee Jung.

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