4 Actresses Whose Fashion Style Always Becomes Inspiration For Others

Some actresses are really good at combining colors and patterns for their dresses to  show a very inspiring look. Their looks can be an inspiration to the fans because it is so unique and contemporary. Here are some actresses whose look always becomes an inspiration.

1. Gong Hyo Jin

Image Source: KBS, SBS

Gong Hyo Jin always has her own style. Although sometimes her style looks unique and different from others, Gong Hyo Jin is always confident and it makes fans feel interested to follow her style. In the drama ‘Producer’ Gong Hyo Jin wore a beaded top tank that was made as an outer for a simple plain white shirt which looked simple but still beautiful. Afterwards, in ‘It’s Ok That’s Love’ she wore a red suit blazer combined with a blue-and-white striped blouse. The combination of red and blue might not look good, but it turns out she still looks good and elegant wearing it.

2. Nam Ji Hyun

Image Source: SBS

In the drama ‘Suspicious Partner’ Nam Ji Hyun experimented a lot with her clothes that made her look more mature yet remained cute at the same time. Many praised the results of the look that Nam Ji Hyun displayed on ‘Suspicious Partner’. She gave a feminine and cute impression wearing the blouse collar lace. The blazer matched with the lace-edged blouse to show the formal look of a working woman.

3. Shin Min Ah

Image Source: tvN

Shin Min Ah is known to be quirky in the selection of clothing in the drama ‘Tomorrow with You’. However, it turns out that this style becomes popular since she looked so confident to apply the style and mix and match her clothes. In the drama ‘Tomorrow with You’, Shin Min Ah wore a short oversized jersey and her flagship jeans that looked classic and beautiful. In another scene, she wore a black jeans jacket and a black collared shirt covering her neck with a checkered plaid skirt. She indeed looks good in anything.

4. Joy ‘Red Velvet’

Image Source: tvN

Another with Shin Min Ah, Joy has 90’s fashion style with a knitting sweater and plaid blouse. Her chic and classic impression is very visible. In addition, Joy also combines a knit sweater with a pair of ‘frog trousers’ that really will be a new inspiration.

Which of the four actresses’ style do you like most and want to try?