‘Super Junior Return’ Working Hard on Comeback Preparation Like An Army

Super Junior is actively preparing for their new album. On the 10th, the ‘Super Junior Return’ show aired on Naver V LIVE. First, in ‘EP3 – Discharge Feast Lunch’, SM Entertainment’s party visited Eun Hyuk after the discharge. Eun Hyuk and other super junior members went to eat Samgyetang and said, “Let’s start the preparation for a comeback after eating this meal.”

Image Source : Naver V LIVE

“In the military, I think it’s very important to obey someone’s orders. That’s why I want Lee Teuk to direct me. I’m going to open up a disciplinary committee. You must be polite”, he said. In ‘EP4 – Super Junior’s Journey’, ahead of the comeback the members decided to open a meeting to discuss comeback preparations.

Image Source : Naver V LIVE

The members of Super Junior were confused with the album and agreed to participate more actively. Eun Hyuk is in charge forthe choreography, Shindong is for video, Donghae as A & R, Yesung as visual director, Kim Hee Chul as PR, Choi Siwon as investor, while Lee Teuk decides to final confirmation. Super Junior was talking, joking, and arguing. Finally, Eun Hyuk said “Please look forward to Super Junior’s comeback.”

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