‘Witch’s Court’ Episode 2, Will Jung Ryeo Won Regret Her Choice To Win?

‘Witch Court’ Jung Ryeo Wong continues to be persistent to solve a case. Will she regret her decision one day? On the 10th, in Monday-Tuesday’s drama KBS 2TV ‘Witch’s Court’ episode 2, depicted the appearance of Ma Yi Deum (Jung Ryeo Won) in the trial.

Image Source : KBS

That day, Ma Yi Deum was transferred to the Women’s Division of Crime to collaborate with Yeo Jin Wook (Yoon Hyun Min) in a case. The case is a rape committed by a student to a professor. However, the student confessed that the professor was the one who raped, and the two men were ready to help him, in fact, it was the professor instead of the student.

The student is actually homosexual, he worried it will be a loss for him if it was revealed. Yeo Jin Wook and Ma Yi Deum did not reveal it and decided to lead the trial. However, lawyer Jo Kab Soo handled the professor’s case and made the case more complicated.

Image Source : KBS

After that, the trial began. Yeo Jin Wook revealed that the professor used thesis as a reason or inducement to perform sexual acts. Ha Yoon Kyung’s lawyer revealed the victim was homosexual. Ma Yi Deum watched it and smiled because that was what Ma Yi Deum wanted. Ma Yi Deum deliberately let the lawyers suspect the homosexual victim.

Image Source : KBS

Ma Yi Deum submitted evidence that the professor raped his student. She won the trial, but the victim’s feelings were hurt. She did not want the second destruction. “You do not think about how he feels?”, Yeo Jin Wook asked Ma Yi Deum. But Ma Yi Deum did not care. Ma Yi Deum became the spotlight because of this case. People look forward to  Ma Yi Deum’s next move.

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