Jang Dong Gun, Moon Geun Young, Lee Je Hoon, and Ha Ji Won Attended BIFF

The 22nd Busan International Film Festival was held in Haeundae starting on the 12th. Korean and foreign filmmakers met the audience. Domestic stars such as Jang Dong Gun, YoonA, Moon Geun Young, Kim Rae Won, Moon So Ri, Lee Je Hoon, Ha Ji Won, Kim Jae Wook, Kim Tae Woo and Han Ye Ri confirmed to come to Busan. Jang Dong Gun and Yoona attended the opening ceremony, while Kim Tae Woo and Han Ye Ri were present at the closing.

Image Source : KOLON Sport, Cosmopolitan, 1st Look, ELLE

Moon Geun Young attended the Busan International Film Festival with her own film for the first time. That’s because the movie starring Moon Geun Young titled ‘Glass Garden’ was selected as the opening film.

Not only that, Jang Dong Gun, Moon So Ri, and Lee Je Hoon filled the opening talk event. They shared honest stories about their lives and their acting career.

Image Source : Media Asia, Paramount Pictures

The director of ‘Black Swan’ Darren Aronofsky also made a recent work entitled ‘Mother’. Master Asia also visited Busan. Director of Hongkong’s action film ‘A Better Tomorrow’ John Woo also came to Busan with his latest movie ‘Manhunt’. After 20 years, he has gained a great love for his work ‘A Better Tomorrow’, and he returned with a crime action film. The film stars Ha Ji Won, making people curious and anticipate the movie.