‘Hospital Ship’, Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk Started Admitting Their Feelings Toward Each Other

On the 12th, in MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Hospital Ship’ episodes 27 and 28, depicted Song Eun Jae (Ha Ji Won) who unconsciously has fallen in love with Kwak Hyun (Kang Min Hyuk).

Kwak Hyun and Yoo Ah Rim left and returned by taking the patient to the hospital ship. Kwak Hyun tried to focus on the patient’s treatment but could not do it when hearing his father has disappeared from the hospital. Hearing that, Song Eun Jae took over the patient, and Kwak Hyun called his mother and asked her help to take care of his father.

Image Source : MBC

The patient was handled successfully, and Kwak Hyun explained with kindness to the guard. Song Eun Jae felt warm when she saw him. Kwak Hyun’s feeling towards Song Eun Jae was revealed in the middle of talks with Kim Jae Geol (Lee Seo Won). “I’m not trying to be cool. Or hold it. I let it flow. At least, she does not feel uncomfortable around me. If she leaves, let the time decide”, said Kwak Hyun.

Image Source : MBC

Song Eun Jae said she did not like Kwak Hyun but her feelings started to accept Kwak Hyun’s sincerity. Song Eun Jae remembered Kim Jae Geol’s advice and was worried to tell Choi Young Eun’s secret, but she returned to her room.

The hospital ship was facing a serious problem. For the sake of treating drug dealers, they brought in Song Eun Jae. The man with the gun scared the people at the hospital and brought in Song Eun Jae. At that time, Kwak Hyun said, “How great a doctor, can not perform his surgery” and went with her. They said to Song Eun Jae, “I will not leave you alone.”

Image Source : MBC

Song Eun Jae who has been avoiding Kwak Hyun finally got fascinated with him. When each other’s feelings began to unfold, the drug dealer boss’s operation becomes an interest in the relationship between the two.