The First Airing of Choi Si Won’s Romantic-Comedy ‘Revolutionary Love’ and Song Seung Hoon’s New Genre ‘Black’

tvN and OCN have aired its new dramas on October 14th.

tvN’s latest weekend drama ‘Revolutionary Love’ tells the story of the challenge of three young people who want to realize their own dream and transformation in this world by working hard.

Image Source : tvN

‘Revolutionary Love’ is a drama that gets the attention of viewers as it is the first drama Super Junior’s Choi Siwon stars in since completing military service in August. Choi Siwon acts as Byun Hyuk, a 3rd generation chaebol.

Previously, Choi Siwon has shown comedy acting in MBC ‘She Was Pretty’ and will show it once again.

Actress Kang Sora plays as Baek Joon, a highly educated girl who has to take a part-time job to get money. Gong Myung who plays as Kwon Je Hoon is a person who wants to become rich.

OCN has also aired its latest weekend drama ‘Black’ S starring Song Seung Heon and Go Ara.

Image Source : OCN

Song Seung Heon and Go Ara challenge the new genre since their debut through the drama ‘Black’. This drama is a drama related to the worldview that thinks about ‘life’ and ‘death’, viewers have high expectation on Song Seung Heon who plays the Grim Reaper ‘Black’ and on Go Ara’s role as Haram who is a woman who can predict a person’s death.

Song Seung Heon said, “I do not play a human role, in fact I want to play a role and a genre that I have never played.” He said will bring a different character of Grim Reapper compared to the one Lee Dong Wook played in the drama ‘Goblin’.

Go Ara also answered questions about the 14 years age difference between herself and Song Seung Heon. She said she does not feel any gaps during filming and has seen many different images of Song Seung Heon.