Lee Jong Suk’s’ Three Meals A Day ‘: “After Playing in ‘The Face Reader’, I Feel Guilty Playing in Historical Drama”

In ‘Three Meals A Day’, Lee Jong Suk talked about his anxiety about acting in historical drama.

The reality show tvN ‘Three Meals A Day Fishing Village’ on October 20th, featuring Lee Seo Jin, Eric, Yoon Gyun Sang who live together with the guests.

Image Source : tvN

On the airing of ‘Three Meals A Day’ that day, many stories were not revealed yet in this episode. Lee Jong Suk told Lee Seo Jin about his worries on his acting skills.

Lee Seo Jin, “Have you ever played a role in historical drama?” Lee Jong Suk replied, “I never played the movie ‘The Face Reader’ after that never again.” Lee Jong Suk continued, “I do not want to play in historical drama. The first time I played, I did not feel confident when I heard the tone of seniors. I feel guilty”, he said honestly.

Image Source : tvN

Lee Seo Jin said, “You have to be the main character. There are many young actors who play in historical dramas lately. You must be the king in a historical drama. At your age you are now fit to be a crown prince.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk practiced a dance that he will show in a fan meeting during his free time in the middle of filming. Lee Jong Suk said, “I am very embarrassed when I have to dance with the dancers. But it’s okay for the sake of my fans”, he said as he showed a little movement that attracted attention.