‘Witch’s Court’ Episode 6, Jung Ryeo Won and Yoon Hyun Min Kissed

On the 24th, in Monday-Tuesday’s drama KBS 2TV ‘Witch’s Court’ episode 6, Ma Yi Deum (Jung Ryeo Won) and Yeo Jin Wook (Yoon Hyun Min) portrayed a unique romance story.

Although Choi Hyun Tae (Lee Myung Haeng) directed the knife, Ma Yi Deum learnt the angle that he will not hurt her. He pushed Yeo Jin Wook out of the sword but Ma Yi Deum got hurt. When her fellow prosecutors came to visit, Ma Yi Deum said, “Should not I do it? When my junior is in danger, how can I let it go?”

Image Source : KBS

Though he knew there is something strange about Ma Yi Deum’s request, Yeo Jin Wook did not refuse to do so. He tried to drink beer in the middle of his unhealthy condition, and Yeo Jin Wook grabbed a beer so that Ma Yi Deum got angry, at that moment both were seen doing skinship and blushed. Ma Yi Deum first felt pounding. She could not ignore Yeo Jin Wook’s kindness like giving a jacket to warm Ma Yi Deum.

Ma Yi Deum and Yeo Jin Wook both returned home from the hospital. “I’ve been making many excuses. Next time, I will not bother you again”, he said while returning her home.

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But Yeo Jin Wook could not help but take care of Ma Yi Deum. He visited her and brought a beer. “I’ve prepared it. I’m ready for your feelings. To be honest it’s been hard to pretend I did not know you liked me. I do not like it either, so let’s fix this up now”, said Ma Yi Deum. In front of Yeo Jin Wook, she said “That night, when you offered your house for me to stay, at night you touched my face and stroked it. You want to kiss me huh?” Yeo Jin Wook was silent and confused. Ma Yi Deum approached and immediately kissed him.

Image Source : KBS

The next day, at the prosecutor’s office Yeo Jin Wook met with Ma Yi Deum and treated her as usual. But Ma Yi Deum continued to tease him, “Can you sleep? You must be pounding and having trouble sleeping. Receive the confession from someone who have a one-sided love.” Yeo Jin Wook retorted curtly,” I can sleep and it is not one-sided. Then I do not admit anything.” This time Ma Yi Deum was confused,” Then why did you accept my kiss?” asked Ma Yi Deum. At the end of the episode, the fact that Yeo Jin Wook once met Kwak Young Sil becomes a point to see if their relationship will change.