Ok Taec Yeon and Kim Yun Jin in ‘House of the Disappeared’ Press Conference

Kim Yun Jin and Ok Taec Yeon, the main casts of ‘The House of The Disappeared’ movie, recently sat down for an interview with K-Star during the press conference of the movie.

Image source: K-Star

The two revealed their reaction when they received the offer to star in this movie. ‘Finally! I got this kind of script,’ said Kim Yun Jin, while Taec Yeon said, ‘I have to take this role and do my best’.

The director of ‘House of the Disappeared’ also revealed a funny story behind Taec Yeon’s appointment as the male lead. “The main requirement to be the priest in this film is someone who’s more handsome than Kang Dong Woon in ‘The Priests’, and the first person who came to mind was Ok Taec Yeon,” he said.

Image source: K-Star

The cast also made a promise if the viewers of the movie hit more than 2 million. “Ok Taec Yeon will give a free hug for 30 minutes wearing a priest’s costume, and after that, he will dance to ‘Heartbeat’ in Gwanghwamun Square”

Whoa! Are you excited for ‘House of the Disappeared’?