Looking Like A Teenanger As Well As A Grown Man, Park Hae Jin Becomes The Cover of Chinese Magazine

Park Hae Jin becomes a magazine cover model for ‘st. Chic ‘ in its November edition, which is a famous fashion magazine published simultaneously in movile and IPTV as well as off-line media from China. Parties’ st. Chic’ has been actively contacting Park Hae Jin to become their cover model since last year. The selection of magazine cover models this time considers Park Hae Jin as a Korean Style icon in Asia.

Image Source : st Chic

In the photoshoot, Park Hae Jin showcased his unique and emotionally distinctive sense of fashion. He wore a warm knit shirt, expressing his intensity. Dressed in a suit coat, Park Hae Jin displays a dandy charm that no one can imitate.

Image Source : st Chic

With the concept of retro wearing sunglasses, he displays a firm appearance with intelligent and aura between teenager and an adult man, making it difficult to describe his age. The photographer conveyed, “Actor Park Hae Jin shows a unique costume and pose that utilizes his own senses in every photo shoot. Now I understand why Park Hae Jin became a unique Korean star.”

Image Source : st Chic

Starting from November, Park Hae Jin will start filming ‘Four Men’ . His second encounter with director Jang Tae Yoo from ‘My Love from the Star’ became the topic of the conversation. This is a 100% pre-production drama which is hugely anticipated. In ‘Men Four’ Park Hae Jin will play 4 characters at a time. The Korean drama is preparing unexpected characters to meet viewers soon.