‘Sunny’ to be Made into American, Japanese, and Vietnamese Version, Will It Gain Success Like ‘Miss Granny’?

The film ‘Sunny’ is expected to replace the success of the movie ‘Miss Granny’ with made into different version in some countries and distributed to each country.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

On October 25th CJ E & M said, “The movie ‘Sunny’ that has been released in Korea in 2011 has been watched by 7 million 450 thousand spectators. Next year the film will be made into Vietnam and Japanese version and will be released in July and October. As for the American version, in the near future will be done writing scenarios with Hollywood producers.” In 2011, the movie ‘Sunny’ was released and has 7 million 450 thousand viewers.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

CJ E & M has proven its power, through the movie ‘Miss Granny’ the production of ‘local overseas film’ through localization is more valuable than exporting finished movies or selling the right remake. Actually, CJ E & M has released the movie ‘Miss Granny’ in Korea, China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and is also making other language versions of English, Spanish and Turkish.

The movie ‘Miss Granny’ has been evaluated as offering solutions for Korean films abroad and recorded about 78 Billion Won box office sales in five countries overseas.