[RANK AND TALK] 3 Female Idol Rappers With Strong and Beautiful Voice

Inside the group, they are famous as the rapper. However, these female idols also have a beautiful voice and can sing as good as the main vocals in the group. Who are they? Here’s the list:

  1. CL 2NE1
Image Source : GQ

CL is famous as the leader of girl group 2NE1. CL’s voice is very powerful, no wonder if her voice can be easily recognized. Although 2NE1 is now disbanded, CL is still actively singing. Even before, she has done many activities as a soloist and made a debut in America.

  1. Amber f(x)
Image Source : The Celebity

Amber’s tomboyish style looks more and more cool when she is rapping. Yup, Amber is the rapper in group f (x). Amber successfully debuted  as a solo artist with a brilliant single ‘Shake That Brass’.

  1. Jimin AOA
Image Source : Arena

If CL and Amber have strong charm and bold appearance, then Jimin rather looks cute and sweet. In addition to being a rapper in the AOA group, Jimin is also good at singing. Jimin released her solo album ‘Ready to Jimin’ on October 26th.