Rain Is Working Hard As A Singer, Mentor and Father

Rain is a mentor for his junior singers, and he is also a singer who will be active promoting his song later this year. Having his first daughter, Rain also tries his best as a father. He will make a comeback as a singer after 4 years and perform various activities. He is expected to celebrate 15th anniversary since debut.

2017 is a special year for Rain. He has 15 years of debut and got married to his lover Kim Tae Hee in January. On October 25, he announced his new life had started with the birth of his first child.

Image Source : BAZAAR

Rain has started the second half of his life and will continue his career as a singer later this year. He become a mentor to give his junior advice about music through KBS’s survival program “The Unit”, he also released his second album. His appearance as a mentor who guides the juniors in ‘The Unit’ attracts great attention.

Image Source : KBS

On  December 1, Rain will return as a singer. It is such a highly anticipated comeback for his fans. Excluding the singles he released earlier this year, in 2014 Rain released his sixth regular album Rain EFFECT. This is an album that will be a special memory for fans to celebrate 15 years of debut. To improve his perfection, Rain will return as a singer and work on his album for a long time.

Another reason why Rain is highly anticipated is because of Tae Wan’s work that makes hits single like ‘Rainism’. It’s been seven years since Rain worked with Tae Wan. Because of their good chemistry with the success of ‘Rainism’, many expect perfect work from them. As a singer, this combination will make Rain’s comeback even more amazing. People cannot wait to see Rain’s comeback on stage after all this time.