‘Black’ Song Seung Hun’s Impressive Action Scene

Song Seung Hun performed many action scenes in OCN ‘Black’. OCN ‘Black’ features Moo Jin’s background, the relationship between an absurd figure and a mysterious man were carried out gradually, resulting in an amazing ending.

Image Source : OCN

The partner who runs and enters the human body, Black (Song Seung Hun) is responsible in the name of solidarity and breaking the rules of heaven. He borrowed the body of detective Han Moo Kang and started doing manual tracking for the last 2 minutes. He emphasizes a great action with a suspicious figure, Kang Ha Ram (Go Ah Ra) who holds a gun and can predict death, the two start cooperation.

Every time Chen meets him who is entering Moo Kang’s body in episode 1, the powerful action gets the viewer impressed. Since Black is an angel of death, he exhibits different abilities with normal human beings. Starting from shooting underwater to a 1% detail is noticed by Song Seung Hoon.

Image Source : OCN

The production team stated, “Every episode, Song Seung Hun shows action scenes such as running, jumping, punching and spinning. Although it takes a lot of stamina and time, for the sake of proposing ideas and giving perfect results, he keeps monitoring and adding to the ‘Black’ power. From the 11th episode, Black will show intense action scenes and start defending someone.”

Image Source : OCN

Song Seung Hun plays a drama with a genre like ‘Black’ for the first time. It also features a perfect action. Netizen’s response to Song Seung Hun is very diverse, for example,”I did not think he was very adept at doing action scenes”, “The action is cool and interesting to watch. Black will intervene in human affairs for unjust deaths and will continue to excite developments as a mystery revelation. The drama will also be broadcasted on tvN Asia in Malaysia and Singapore, 24 hours after broadcasted in Korea and airs every Sunday and Monday at 09.45 pm.

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