‘Because This is My First Life’ Behind The Scene of Lee Min Ki Making Kimchi for Winter

On the 13th, the drama ‘Because This Is My First Life’ released behind the scene of Monday-Tuesday drama tvN ‘Because This is My First Life’ on episode 11 where Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) went to Yoon Ji Ho’s hometown (Jung So Min) and showed the life of a farmer, which makes the audience smile.

Image Source : tvN

In the previous episode, Ji Ho told Se Hee that she has prepared her sacrifice for her luck and that she has to pay the same amount of money. Se Hee will go to the South Sea and join Ji Ho to make kimchi for the winter preparation. It is interesting that the purpose of the first visit to his wife’s house is not to visit but to make kimchi.

In the released photo, Se Hee’s new look attracted attention, including drinking adult makgeolli and entering full-scale labor. He will harvest garlic and grind it, as well as rinse the pickled cabbage in water and finally make a fireplace.

Image Source : tvN

In addition, Se Hee who always has a clean and sophisticated style made the audience laugh as he wore ahjumma pants and rubber gloves. Se Hee, a fresh-sighted visual for the first time in the 11th episode, became a part of Ji Ho’s family.

In addition, it is known that Ji Ho’s is really good and energetic making kimchi and has entered a strong counter-attack against Se Hee by drawing a line between them. With this in mind, the viewers are curious about how this line between two people changes and leads other new events.