Park Seo Joon Gets An Offer to Be The Cast of ‘Youn’s Kitchen 2’

Actor Park Seo Joon got an offer to play in ‘Youn’s Kitchen 2’ and is studying the script.

Park Seo Joon’s agency ContentY representative on the 14th delivered, “It’s true that he got an offer to play in ‘Youn’s Kitchen 2’, and now he is adjusting his schedule to appear on the show.”

Image Source : InStyle Magazine

On this matter, the tvN said, “We apologize because it is difficult to confirm new members. We will confirm related things through its episodes.”

On the other hand, the series ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ is an entertainment program that shows how members organize a small Korean restaurant overseas and operate a shop. The Season 1, which aired from March to May, gained high popularity with a high audience rating of 14.1% at the time.

Most importantly, news about the production of ‘Youn’s Kitchen 2’ has been delivered and the situation has accumulated. In addition to Yoon Yeo Jung, Lee Seo Jin, and Jung Yoo Mi, Park Seo Joon are expected to join as a new member.

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