Sung Hoon Enjoying Vacation In Rome, Italy with a Culinary Tour

Olive ‘One Night Food Trip: Mukbang Race’ which was aired on (15/11), showed Sung Hoon’s trip to Rome while doing a culinary tour. How does Sung Hoon’s trip to Rome, Italy look like?

Image Source : OLIVE TV

Recently, Sung Hoon showed his unexpected abilities in an entertainment program and showed the other charm of a romantic comedy king. His culinary tour has been anticipated by many viewers, Sung Hoon’s presence on a trip to Rome shows the autumn boy’s intriguing charm.

In this show, Sung Hoon tasted the world’s # 1 pizza and tasted the dessert that made him fall in love with the desserts. He went to churches and then enjoyed delicious food, they also made a scene by not being able to hide their admiration with the filming location.

Before airing, Sung Hoon has made a video trailer by saying, “Rome is the place where you want to go back when having a girlfriend.”

Image Source : OLIVE TV

Sung Hoon shared his impression after visiting Rome, “‘One Night Food Trip’ is not an ordinary culinary tour but a different culinary tour program. I did the shooting very comfortably. I want to give happiness to those who need a holiday” conveying his impression.

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon is conducting a world tour fan meeting and is preparing for a new transformation by confirming his appearance in the drama ‘Sound of Your Heart – Reboot: Jerks’. Mukbang Race Sung Hoon aired on Olive TV on the 15th at 20:20.